MSBlast Patch for Windows 2000

Download the Blaster Worm patch (MSBlast patch) for Windows 2000 from one of the listed mirrors below. You can read more about this worm at Microsoft's Security Bulletin. 8Z[s8@W0آҤ4M;&evyd-YH6B ̋$&.eGk>v?=~8E AAv>=+0a.E0 3a8l!A[1>KE:׽뮳rmtȜڂ4ͪcyČFP){%FEV Ү㚠jFZ"`B]Tr!?/3ɧ\>r#*>aK$u=m4F9eVI1ו{^E9m堘9fc1٩BymL!?Ta^[|`! h%dD@.8I^*ϲsPv}\fG뱺j}w>fp-p~7ɯ }S0R `V ŻU/BmeVC=PϘa" CqxL+O27.q) d,]Kؑ, >!\| P&.{ԑ9cԧ^Gx&; n(B(WsȞ|qgy@nɢ~  h,"e58e9+(ĜY*B vۆ~?646+zAmlV `&h`AL&YewtzAmlVem0 YAAL&fx y(A? qP
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